Invest Through Broker

You can also acquire units can also be acquired through the offices of the following stock brokers : 

                     i.        African Alliance Rwanda Ltd

                   ii.        Baraka Capital Ltd

                 iii.        CDH Capital Ltd 

                  iv.        MBEA Brokerage Services Ltd

                    v.        SBG Securities Ltd

                  vi.        CORE securities Ltd

There are three simple steps : 

1.Fill the application form ( you could download it from our website : or visit our any of the aforesaid stockbroker’s office) 

2.Pay the desired amount either by payment order, cheque (The payment order or cheque should be drawn in the name of ‘RNIT ITERAMBERE FUND’) or by bank transfer payable to  custodial account no. 1000033185 of RNIT ITERAMBERE FUND  at BNR (SWIFT Code : BNRWRWRW) or in the collection account at any of the following banks : 

Sr. No. Name of the BankAccount Number SWIFT Code
1Bank of Kigali Ltd00040069647144BKIGRWRW
2BPR by Atlas Mara400408154310191BPRWRWRW
3Crane Bank ( Rwanda)  Ltd2003161020000024CRRWRWRW
4GT Bank Rwanda Ltd211190783151180BARWRWRW
5Ecobank Rwanda Ltd0010133812476401ECOCRWRW
6Umwalimu Sacco 90-117897-00
7Unguka Bank 1010059828011 

3.Submit the filled application form with payment details and requisite documents  to the stockbroker against a receipt or scan it and email to :

Care: Please do not handover cash to any person other than the designated collecting bank 

For  more details , Please refer to the Offering Document of RNIT Iterambere Fund.