Features Of The Fund

Features of the Fund

·         Objectives : An open ended balanced fund, which provides an efficient investment avenue for  investors who have  a medium to long term investment horizon  and simultaneously desire the comfort of  availing  liquidity in case of need ;

·         Options : The scheme offers investment under two options: income option and reinvestment option. Further, unit holders can switch from one  option to other any time  at no extra cost;  

·         Eligible investors : Open for investment to Rwandans including Diaspora, EAC nationals and international institutional investors within the permissible legal framework of Rwanda. At an appropriate time, the Manager may allow the foreign individual investors to apply;

·         Minimum Initial Investment amount:

Income option – FRW 100,000 and in multiples of ‘000 thereafter 

Reinvestment option – FRW 2,000 and in multiples of ‘000 thereafter;

·          Maximum Investment Amount: There is no limit on the maximum amount to be invested by an investor; 

·         Holding Basis : Single, joint and anyone or survivor basis; 

·         Face value : The face  value of a unit is FRW 100 ;

·         Issue Price: At face value during IPO and at NAV thereafter. Thus there is no entry load;

·         SIP facility : A systematic investment plan that enables one to invest consistently on a monthly basis through employer or by a standing order to the bank;

·         Transparency:  RNIT Ltd will calculate and disclose the first NAV of the unit trust not later than two months  from the closure of  Initial Sale and thereafter disclose at close of every business day;

·         Liquidity: Repurchase requests will be accepted  on every business day and considered for processing every Thursday (with applicable NAV of next business day)  on an ongoing basis, commencing on 16th March 2017 i.e. 6 months gestation  period from the closure of Initial Sale;

·         Entry load : Since RNIT Ltd is bearing the initial issue expenses, there is no entry load;

·         Exit load: There is a structured exit load depending on the holding period. There is no exit load after three years of holding ;

·         Asset allocation:  70% to  100% in debt / money market  instruments and up to 30% in listed equities; 

·         Scheme duration: RNIT Iterambere Fund has a separate legal existence and is perpetual;

·         Risk mitigation: The Fund is positioned as a medium risk medium return product with an asset allocation having potential of income as well as long term growth ;

For full details please refer to the Offering Document of RNIT Iterambere Fund, before investing , available at : 


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