What is a Unit Trust scheme?

A unit trust is an investment that enables you to pool your money along with other investors who have similar investment objectives The aggregate sum is then used by the fund to build a diversified investment portfolio which comprises stocks, bonds and other assets in accordance with the investment objective of the fund.

Who should invest in Unit Trusts?

Unit Trust are the ideal investment vehicle for investors seeking exposure to the financial markets across the spectrum, from the individual to pension funds, companies and government institutions.When deciding on your choice of unit trust, you should identify your needs and select a fund that best suits your investment or risk profileThere different types of products which come on the market on different times and increase in different times. This permits to invest across all products and accumulate income from different types of products.

Advantages of investing in Unit Trust

a)    Professional Fund Management – RNIT will employ fund managers to investor.

b)    Liquidity – you can redeem all or part of your units on any Business Day and the Manager will purchase them. 

c)     Hassle Free – you need not trouble yourself with complicated