RNIT Iterambere Fund

Rwanda National Investment Trust Ltd has designed the RNIT Iterambere Fund to cater to the wealth creation aspirations, especially of Rwandans. IT is the first unit trust product and has been designed as an open-ended balanced fund with a predominant bias to fixed income instruments. The fund is a pass- through vehicle for direct participation in capital markets albeit, at the comfort and pace of each investor, with the intent to create long term wealth. A pass through vehicle means the returns from the investment assets are fully passed on to the unit holders, net of fees in proportion to their holdings in the scheme.  

RNIT ITERAMBERE FUND was officially launched by Rt. Hon. PM on 12th July 2016. The RIF IPO started from that date up to 7th October 2016. The IPO results were announced on 14th November 2016 as follows : 

Total Amount collectedFRW 1,046,892,986
Total Number of application:920
Options chosen: 
Applications under Income Option: 78FRW 93,459,000
Applications  under Reinvestment  Option: 842FRW 953,433,986

The Subsequent Sale has  resumed on 15th  November 2016 with the first NAV per unit of FRW 100.92. The repurchase will start from 16th  March 2017. 

As Rwanda embrace the spirit of “Kwigira” – Self reliance as a way of life and has consistently managed to sustain economic growth, it is equally important to sustain the enthusiasm underscored in this spirit and growth rate. Investing in RNIT Iterambere Fund is an opportunity to the investors to benefit from the growth of the Rwandan economy as consumption sustains today’s life but investment sustains future for both individual and institutional investors. RIF is open-ended to serve that purpose.

 It continues, from 15th  November 2016, come and invest in RNIT Iterambere Fund  to participate in the future of Rwanda! 

The Fund Philosophy is to: 

Create an investment opportunity that  encompasses within itself the three pedestals of:

  • safety (ethical governance) 
  • liquidity (ongoing repurchase facility) 
  • return (income and capital growth) 

Make it:

  • simple and accessible  
  • flexible ( invest at your own comfort and pace) 
  • convenient ( to suit almost every pocket )